Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Q) Why are you renting the house? If I had a house like this, I wouldn't let just anybody into it.
A) We are renting it to pay the taxes on the house. The city of Portland is quite greedy with its island residents and the tax rate is very high. We also only rent to people who agree to treat the house with care, not to have wild parties in it, and there is no smoking. There is also a limit of 12 people at the house at any one time.

Q) What is the situation with parking? Do I have to park my car in a garage for the whole time I'm on the island?
A) The parking situation changes frequently with the city of Portland. We used to have a seperate island resident lot, but the city recently took that away. The most convenient option is to park in the Casco Bay Garage right by the ferry terminal, but this can get expensive quickly. The cheapest option is to park in one of the many lots in the surrounding area. The cheapest going rate that I am aware of is 8 dollars a day, depending on how far you are willing to walk to the ferry terminal.

Q) Is the house pet friendly?
A) Very! The whole island is pet friendly - extremely so for dogs and we have no problems with pets in the house. There are cat and dog bowls at the house, and a litter box. We should make you aware that there is a rumor of a fisher cat on the island, so please bring your pets in at night.

Q) What do we need to bring with us?
A) The house has nearly everything you need to vacation, including sheets and towels, dinnerware, and cookware. You will need to bring food, drink, and clothing. Please bring warm clothes, even in the summer because it can be very cool when the wind is blowing from the direction of the ocean. There is a portable clothes washer that can hook up to the kitchen sink for doing laundry, and a clothesline for drying. Swimsuits, suntan lotion, sunglasses, walking shoes, water shoes, beach towels, and bug spray are all a good idea.

Q) How extensive is the general store on the island?
A) The island store is extremely limited, with items such as beer and wine, chips, milk, and marshmallows and graham crackers for smores. We joke that if you really need it, the store probably doesn't have it. Please plan to buy your groceries and supplies on the mainland and bring them with you when you come. If you are staying for an extended time or are a really excellent planner, Hannafords supermarket in Portland will pick and deliver your groceries to Casco Bay Lines to be delivered to the Great Diamond Island dock on Tuesdays.

Q) What do I do in the event of an emergency?
A) Emergency information is posted on the refrigerator with contact phone numbers. Tammy Robinson, in the house behind us is a trained EMT and is the island's contact person for medical emergencies.

Q) Am I limited to the Casco Bay Lines ferry schedule only?
A) No. There are water taxis that will take you to and from the mainland or between islands any time of day. However, they are much more expensive. One way rates are generally 30-50 dollars for the trip to Portland (usually up to 6 people).

Q) What time is check-in / check-out?
A) Our standard rental period is from Saturday to Saturday. You may initially arrive anytime after 4pm (the 3:15pm ferry is fine), and we ask that you please depart by the 10:05am ferry on the following Saturday morning.

Q) Is there internet access at the house?
A) YES! We now have wireless 3G internet at the house as well as a PC in the nook just off of the living room. This provides typical speeds in the range of 500kbps - 1Mbps. It is not blazing fast, but should be enough for email and general web surfing. The MiFi allows up to 5 devices to access the internet at any one time.
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