Directions to the House

1. Directions to Casco Bay Lines


From the South:
The best way to get here is to take I-95 (the Maine turnpike) to exit 44, and follow 295 to exit 7.

From the North:
If coming from I-95 (the Maine turnpike), take exit 45 and then take your 2nd exit right to 295 North. Follow to exit 7.

At the bottom of the exit 7 ramp, turn right onto the Fraklin Artery and follow this straight for 3/4 of a mile, up and over the hill until your 7th set of lights. At this point, Casco Bay Lines will be directly across from you, and you can continue straight across the intersection (and a little left) into the ferry terminal. There is a parking garage here, and also an unloading area.

2. Parking


If the Casco Bay Lines Parking garage is full (which it likely is) or you wish to seek cheaper parking, there are a number of other garages and lots in the area. Fisherman's wharf (#8 on the Parkopedia map) is the cheapest lot that I am aware of at $8 per day.

3. Buying Tickets and Shipping Freight


Inside the Casco Bay Lines ferry terminal you will find the ticket windows. You will need to purchase a ticket for each person, dogs require their own tickets, as do bicycles. Tickets should be purchased for Great Diamond Island State Pier. Please do not confuse this with Diamond Cove which has it's own ferry stop.

You can bring on board as many items as you can reasonably carry so long as they are not longer than 6 feet. One helpful tip is to bring along a shopping cart, as you are not charged extra for it, but it can hold a very large amount. Also no gasoline is allowed, or other explosives, etc. Ferry boarding starts 10-15 minutes prior to departure time, and the gate will be announced over the loudspeaker. Usual departure gates for Great Diamond Island are gates 3 & 4.

Things that are larger than 6 feet long, or more than you can comfortably carry, can be shipped freight via the freight office. Items shipped freight will be handled by the CBL staff members, and will be deposited on the dock at your designated stop. Pack items well, as the staff is notorious for rough handling of items. Additionally, freight items must be paid for and dropped off at least 1/2 hour before the intended boat to go to the island. (They are not forgiving about this rule.) Inquire carefully which boat that they will travel over on, as they are not guaranteed to go on the same boat as you.

4. Ride to the Island


The ride to the island is usually a pleasant one, and unless you are extremely susceptible to seasickness, the ride is too short for most people to be affected by this. A jacket is advised in all but the warmest weather, as the sea breeze is usually cooler than most people are bargaining for. The ferry usually departs the ferry terminal backwards, and then turns around once out into the main channel. Cameras and binoculars are a good idea for the ferry ride as you will get to see the many sights of harbor.

The first stop is Little Diamond Island, and it is a good idea to notice which deck they are unloading from because it is usually the same deck (upper vs. lower) for Great Diamond. The CBL staff tie the boat up to the dock by throwing the lines over pilings and pulling the boat up snug. After departing Little Diamond Island, the next stop is the one you want (2nd stop overall) - Great Diamond Island.

5. Dock to the House

The trip to the house is a fairly long one on foot. It is the better part of a mile (.87 actually), but we now have an electric EZ-GO golf cart to help make it easier. We also have a garden way cart that can be used for carrying luggage and supplies. To get to the house, there are four intersections that you will have to navigate:

A) Bear left at the first house you come to.
B) Please bear right at the next "Y" intersection.
C) Please bear left at the next "Y" intersection.
D) Turn left at the next intersection.

Continue straight from here until you see the road end with a gate slightly in front of you. Our house should be directly to your left. Number 96. It is the last house on the left before the gate. It is grey with white trim.