Recent Updates


Well it seems that this winter just won't let go, but believe it or not the summer season is fully rented for 2017!
The biggest news is that the house in front of us has been torn down. We have mixed emotions about this, but the view is spectacularly better than before!
There have been several improvements lately, including a larger TV, and we are working on a more "normal" internet solution for this year. There is a new kiddie pool, the siding was essentially finished, one of the bedroom floors was refinished, and we have more bikes available at the house.

A new beautiful unobstructed view!
A lobster roll, a beer, and this view...
The new sunset view.
The new kiddie pool.

Whew! What a long and snowy winter. But we've made it, Spring is here and our thoughts are now of summer and the nice weather ahead. We already have 3 weeks rented and inquiries for several other weeks as well. Since we only rent to cover the city taxes, we are nearly full for the 2014 season, so if you want a week please contact us very soon.
I have a new contact phone number 978-471-8643 which I am trying to update in all of the places necessary. You might also notice that I gave up on maintaining a 2nd calendar and the calendar link above simply connects to the VRBO website, which is always kept current and up to date.
Anticipated projects for 2014 include finishing the siding on the remaining side of the house, adding gutters around the porch, addining a new counter and cabinets for the sink area of the kitchen, and more refinishing of the upstairs floors to match the one completed bedrrom which came out beautifully. (Photos to follow.) I see that this page does not really list any of the updates from last year, so I have included some below!

New kitchen counters and refinished floor.
Here is a picture of the kiddie pool.
Do we ever get tired of beautiful sunsets?
Another sand bar beach day.
2013 is here and we have been taking reservations for the summer rental season. We have 3 weeks rented of the 6 that we intend to rent, so please make your reservations soon! We were up at the house last weekend, and it was about 40 and sunny, but there is still plenty of snow on the ground and it feels like winter right now. We have big plans for the spring, including some kitchen renovations, floor refinishing, and installation of new gutters. Hopefully the Spring will hurry up and arrive! Stay warm everyone!
Very cold and snowy up here!
They installed a new dock in the off season!
View of GDI from the Eastern Prom Trail
Quick video of boating in March!
Well the summer season was fully rented and everyone has been having a great time! A big thank-you to all of our renters all this summer. We did have one mishap, in which a renter drove away from the house with the golf cart still plugged into the charger. As you can imagine, this destroyed the charger (see picture below), but we bought a new one and I am putting a break-away power cord on it in case this ever happens again. Other than that, the house has been well-treated and is in great shape! We have already had several inquiries into the 2013 rental season, and we are taking reservations for next summer if anyone wishes to reserve time. Have a great fall, winter, and spring everyone and we'll see you next year!
Beautiful sky over the water
The broken golf cart charger
Owen meets his first lobster
meCasco Bay Lines lit up at night
It turns out that we have last-minute availability for the week of August 4th-11th and are slightly flexible with the dates and timing of this week. We also have the week of August 25th-September 1st still available. Please contact us if you are interested in renting either of those weeks! Thanks!
Another beautiful weekend spent on the island, a beautiful Saturday night sunset, and a fun jaunt over to Jewell's Island in my brother-in-law's boat. Many thanks to our renters this past week who had an excellent time and left the house in great shape! There are two weeks in August still available, one of which might be rented, so if you are interested in mid-August (which is prime time) or possibly September (which is my favorite), please contact us soon. Wishing everyone a fantastic summer!
Sunset Saturday evening
The lights of Portland in the distance
View of "Cocktail Cove" on Jewell's Island
The boat anchored at Jewell's Island
There has been much cleaning, organizing, and general prep these past few weeks and our first renters of the season are staying at the house right now! Much thanks to my parents who were simply FANTASTIC in doing the lion's share of the work. The weather has been hot, and the water has warmed up nicely this year, and we have been boating, swimming, and having a generally fun time! We ordered lobsters from a neighbor on the island and had a feast on Friday night! (Lobsters are super cheap right now!) We have 3 weeks rented and interested parties for the remaining weeks, so please contact us soon if you are interested in renting this season. Cheers everyone!
Spring has been a busy time for us as we welcomed a new daughter into the world, however we've been up a couple of times to open the house, mow the lawn, and have a generally great time up there. The golf cart needed a new battery, and the house needed some thorough cleaning. It's all open now, and we have had some great picnics, beach strolls, and even lunch over at the general store. I plan to finish some siding on the north side of the house, in the next 2 weeks. Other than that, we are looking forward to a great summer on GDI. The summer season is in full swing, so please get your reservation requests in soon!
The beach by the dock is empty and beautiful
The lilacs are still in bloom
Grandpa and grandson headed for the beach
Endless beach possibilities
We are very excited for the 2012 summer season! Plans for the house are coming along nicely this year. We have completely re-designed the website as you may have noticed if you have been here before. Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know if you like/dislike the new look or if you find a bug or problem with the website.
We are getting a lot of requests for more photos of the inside of the house and we hear you, and we are working on getting more photos. Most of the existing photos we have of the inside of the house show it cluttered with bags, or have family members in the frame, or just messy and they really make the house look less inviting than it really is. Please stay tuned and I promise to have some new interior photos up soon!
February and it's in the 50's! This warm weather has been teasing us with thoughts of the summer. We recently obtained a newer Weber grill, and will be bringing it to the house in the Spring. We have also started receiving numerous inquiries about the 2012 summer rental season, so please plan ahead for the summer.
Well it's the new year and we have just started focusing on the upcoming rental season. We now have a "new" golf cart. Well at least it is a 2008 EZ-GO electric golf cart, complete with windshield and top, and it is whisper quiet and really fun to drive! The calendar has also been updated for the 2012 season, with updated rental pricing. Think warm thoughts everyone and hopefully the summer season will get here quickly! Here are a couple of shots from the beach from the summer!
Craning the golf cart onto the dock
The new electric golf cart
Enjoying the beach at the sand bar
All little boys need to play in the sand!
This summer's rental season has been going well. Thank you to all of our renters so far for taking care of the house during your stays. You have all been fantastic! Some bad news... the golf cart finally died (apparently for good). It was definitely on its last legs anyways, so now we are in the process of finding a new one. Please be aware that right now we are without a golf cart.
Next week was rented. Only one week left in August!
This past weekend was dedicated to a thorough cleaning of the house and prep for the first renters of the season who are in the house now. The main projects included replacement of some of the old electrical outlets, trim around the shower in the bathroom, and shingling of the under-the-house doors. It was hot on Friday and Saturday, but the breeze off the water kept it feeling nice. We saw some spectacular sunsets which I have included below. We still have next week and the following week availabe for rent, and although people have expressed interest, no one has reserved the dates yet. Please make your reservations soon, as they are not likely to last long! Have a great week!
Under-the-house doors replaced
Sailing sunset
A pretty sky
Amazing color
Wow, what a difference listing the house on VRBO has made! All of a sudden everyone is interested in renting weeks during the remainder of the summer. We have had interest in all of the weeks from now through September 1st, so if you are interested in reserving a particular week, please leave a deposit to make sure no one takes your week!
We were up this past weekend and accomplished a number of small projects. The big-ish project was painting the underside of the porch roof. We said goodbye to the old ugly green paint and now it looks so much better! Also, the stairs on the south side were replaced, and the lattice under the computer nook and the bathroom was finished. I included a picture of the grill, so that people can know what to expect. We miss the charcoal, but the gas grill is much safer in terms of fire safety. We also enjoyed one beautiful weekend on the island! For all of you sunset lovers out there, here are two more from this weekend, plus one from the lawn with the picnic table down on the grass and a picture of the south side of the house with the new lattice and steps!
The underside of the porch roof has been painted!
South steps replaced
Lattice finished
The Weber gas grill
South side with lattice and stairs finished
View of the water from the lawn
Sunset close up
View from the porch
Great news for all of you prospective vacationers out there! Due to the weak economy and a generally flat rental season, we have reduced the rental cost to last year's rate. We also have the golf cart working again, so it will make the trip from the dock to the house easier for everyone!
It has been humbling remembering how long the process of putting up shingles takes. I am still working on completing the shingling process - there is only one section left! The new internet solution works very well, and that has been a nice addition to the house. We also now have a gas grill, an older Weber Genesis Silver A, but it works great! The parts to get our golf cart back up and running arrived yesterday, so I am excited to go up this weekend and see if our golf cart is "back in action". The stereo was also hooked up, so we have great sound in the house. More improvements soon!
The house was officially opened for the season 2 weeks ago. This weekend begins a week's worth of improvements on the house. I hope to finish the siding and completely re-wire the house's electrical system. We also now have internet available at the house! It is only 3G wireless internet, but it is still more than 10x faster than dial-up. This little device is called a MiFi and it allows you to have wireless internet anywhere there is 3G coverage, which is most places. It is about the size of a credit card and can run on battery power for about 4 hours, or continuously when plugged into the wall.
Virgin mobile MiFi internet
North side - in progress
North side section- completed!
Our golf cart
We have begun to think about the new season and are wishing very much that the warm weather would hurry up and get here! We have several new projects planned for the Spring, including a complete electrical re-wiring of the house. We should be putting the finishing touches on the siding, and hope to add a patio off the kitchen entrance. Stay warm everyone, and keep wishing that Summer would hurry up and arrive!
The house is officially closed up for the season. Thanks to all of our first-year renters who made this year a resounding success! We'll see you all next year!
We spent the last week making numerous updates to the house. The scaffolding on the south side of the house came down, and that side of the house is now fully painted. The front of the house was also nearly completed, and we finished painting the balcony porch, and re-shingling the upper triangle. See photos below. On Saturday, our first renters arrived!
The balcony triangle shingles are torn off
Finished replacing the shingles
South side before repainting and with scaffolding still up
Trim and siding painted and the scaffolding down. The upper window trim boards have also been replaced since this photo.